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The Devil’s Nightmare (1971)

Written by MonstersAGoGo

Can You Be Possessed By The Devil?

A group of tourists, each representing one of the seven deadly sins, spend a terror filled evening in a castle previously owned by a man who made a pact with Satan. Is Satan willing to spare their souls? You might have seen The Devil’s Nightmare one late night on a movie channel. This is a seventies European horror classic (Eurotrash) at its campiest best. The music is in the haunting seventies style with the classic female shrieking songs. The first time you hear it you know you are in for a cheesy good time.

Again, The Devil’s Nightmare is about seven tourists who get stuck at an old castle for the night. Their host is a baron / alchemist with a disturbing history and legacy. His family is cursed, and each room in the castle has seen a gruesome murder or two through the centuries. Seventies Eurotrash icon Erika Blanc plays a succubus (a devil’s handmaiden) who helps each tourists by seducing them with their favorite deadly sin. Is it all a dream? Did it all really happen? The only hope seems to be a priest who is able to resist the succubus temptations. A great twist ending and of course, the ‘token’ lesbian scene make this a Eurotrash classic.

A cut version of the film was released in the US in 1973 to cash in on the post-Exorcist craze, although there is no resemblance to that film.

Also Known As:
La Plus longue nuit du diable, Castle of Death
95 min
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The Devil’s Nightmare Trailer and Soundtrack

Seven deadly sins…seven people who committed them. Now watch them pay the consequences — sin by sin by sin.

Seven tourists sent by Satan to a castle are caught by a ghastly woman as they commit deadly sins.

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