The Crab Monsters

From the depths of the sea… a tidal wave of terror!

Just like the little crabs, but bigger and made of paper mache.

Mutated by atomic tests the giant crabs are found on a remote island.

From the depths of the sea… a tidal wave of terror! These giant mutated crabs aren’t your run of the mill dumb crabs. These crabs got psychic communication by eating the brains of the scientists from the island. They will lure you into their caves with their psychic power by using the voices of their past victims.

More Facts:
The Crab Monsters are the brain child of the former King of the Drive-Ins Roger Corman.

From the movie:
Attack of the Crab Monsters (1957)

Attack of the Crab Monsters Trailer

Shut Your Eyes! Cover Your Ears!

A team of scientists land on a tropical island to study the effects of radiation fallout. When the island begins to break off into the ocean, giant crustaceans begin calculated attacks on the humans, forcing them to fight for their lives.

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