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The Corpse Vanishes (1942)

Horror to make your hair stand on end!
Keeper of the Grotto of Torture!

Bela Lugosi revels in his role as European horiculturalist Dr. Lorenz in this outlandish tale of horror and dementia. Dr. Lorenz aging wife Countess Lorenz needs fluids harvested from the glands of young virgins in order to retain her eternal youth and beauty. What better place for the Dr. Lorenz to maintain his supply of young virgins than at the alter, where her kidnaps the unsuspecting brides before they can complete their vows.





Sedating them into a coma-like state with a strong smelling rare flower corset. Dr. Lorenz then brings the brides to his mansion to inject the fluids into his wife. Bela Lugosi is at his devilish best in this film and it is a 1940’s B-Movie classic.

“I find a coffin much more comfortable than a bed”

Dwarf Angelo Rossitti one of “Dr. Lorenzs” henchmen also stared in Tod Browning “Freaks”.

Also Known As:
The Case of the Missing Brides
64 min
Bela Lugosi …. Dr. Lorenz
Luana Walters …. Patricia Hunter
Tristram Coffin …. Dr. Foster
Elizabeth Russell …. Countess Lorenz
Minerva Urecal …. Fagah
Angelo Rossitto …. Toby (as Angelo)
Joan Barclay …. Alice Wentworth
Kenneth Harlan …. Keenan
Gwen Kenyon …. Peggy Woods
Vince Barnett …. Sandy
Frank Moran …. Angel
George Eldredge …. Mike