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The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1963)

Alive… without a body… fed by an unspeakable horror from hell!
It’s madness, not science!

Dr. Bill Cortner is a surgeon like his father. He is obsessed with performing surgical transplants and continues to experiment with amputated limbs he steals from the local hospital. While driving to his secret mountain laboratory to tend to an emergency, Cortner’s reckless driving causes an accident and his car careens off the road, killing his fiancée Jan. Not to be discouraged, he goes into the burning wreckage and wraps the decapitated head of his fiancée in his jacket and tries to keep it alive long enough to find a suitable body to re-attach it to. Bill only has 48-50 hours to come up with a new body.





The doctor stalks women and searches for a new body at the local strip club and “body beautiful” contests. He finally fines the perfect body for his fiancée Jan, but his subject has a scarred face. He tells the young woman that he can fix her looks with plastic surgery and convinces her to go back to the lab.

Meanwhile, Jan’s decapitated head stays alive in a tray in the basement laboratory and has developed telepathy. Later silenced by a strip of duct tape over her mouth as the laboratory burns. She telepathically communicates with something locked away in the laboratory closet, plotting her revenge on Bill for not letting her die in peace.





The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, a film about a severe head that still lives was filmed in Tarrytown, New York, near Sleepy Hollow, where Washington Irving’s Headless Horsemen rode in his famous tale, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Also Known As:
The Head That Wouldn’t Die
81 min
Credited cast:
Jason Evers …. Dr. Bill Cortner
Virginia Leith …. Jan Compton / Jan in the Pan
Leslie Daniels …. Kurt
Adele Lamont …. Doris Powell
Marilyn Hanold …. Peggy Howard
Bruce Brighton …. Dr. Cortner
Lola Mason …. Donna Williams
Doris Brent …. Nurse
Bruce Kerr …. Beauty Contest M.C.
Audrey Devereal …. Jeannie
Eddie Carmel …. Monster

The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1963)
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Dr. Bill Cortner (Jason Evers) and his fiancée, Jan Compton (Virginia Leith), are driving to his lab when they get into a horrible car accident. Compton is decapitated. But Cortner is not fazed by this seemingly insurmountable hurdle. His expertise is in transplants, and he is excited to perform the first head transplant. Keeping Compton’s head alive in his lab, Cortner plans the groundbreaking yet unorthodox surgery. First, however, he needs a body.