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The Atomic Brain (1963)

Is the next step the transplantation of the human brain? . . .
Is man now doomed to produce a race of ever living Monstrosities?

Inside an evil mansion, a crazy old lady and a mad doctor lured three beautiful young foreign women as housekeepers. Wishing to become young again, the old lady hires the three women so she may choose her new body and have the mad doctor transplant her aged brain into a new sexy young model. But the doctor’s experiments with atomic power, animal brains and the bodies of the dead unleash such monstrosities as a female zombie, a furry-faced dog-man and a woman with The Atomic Brain of a cat who eats mice and sits meowing atop the roof of the old house.

The reason for all of Dr. Frank’s grave robbing and experiments with brain transplants is to enable the old lady to “die” and inherit her own fortune within the body of one of her young housekeepers. But, when the doctor learns of what the old woman will do after she gets her new young body he has ideas of his own. This macabre tale ends with a horrific, vengeful twist. The doctor takes the old woman’s brain and puts it inside of her pet cat. But, even inside of a cat’s body, the old woman can still be very devilish.

Frank Gerstle who plays Dr. Otto Frank was a prolific voice over artist and pitched dozens of products in hundreds of TV and radio ads, and was a semi-regular on the 1961 prime-time cartoon series Calvin and the Colonel.

Also Known As:
72 min
Credited cast:
Frank Gerstle …. Dr. Otto Frank
Erika Peters …. Nina Rhodes
Frank Fowler …. Victor
Judy Bamber …. Bea Mullins
Marjorie Eaton …. Hetty March
Margie Fisco …. The Walking Corpse
Lisa Lang …. Anita Gonzalez
Bradford Dillman …. Narrator
Xeres …. The Cat

The Atomic Brain (1963)
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A mad scientist spawns a trio of horrible monsters while attempting a revolutionary brain transplant.